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Over the years I have read for many people, and many of them have kindly offered to say
a few words about their experiences. Following are some of their comments:

“I was able to make major career decisions after my reading and I am thrilled with the results.” Sharon, 33

”My relationship was in trouble and I wasn’t sure what to do. Jayne Marie helped me ask the right questions.
When I heard the answers, I felt relieved. It was not what I expected at all but I found out what I needed
in order to move forward. Thank you!“ Alexandra, 26

“I finally found someone driven by a passion to help people, not by greed. I have seen Jayne Marie many times
over the years and I trust her completely. I have sent my family, friends, and co-workers to her
and they were amazed by her accuracy and compassion too.” Leslie, 49

“The readings have helped me understand and resolve situations with my job.
They have helped me keep my career on track.” SB

“I have used other techniques in the past to access spiritual infomration and I have never found
anyone more insightful or accurate than Jayne Marie. From situations relating to my family,
career and health concerns, Jayne Marie has helped me solve issues in my life and help me
achieve my goals in moving my life forward. I have and contiue to recommended Jayne Marie
to everyone I know.” MM