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Here are some questions often asked by those who come for readings. Please click question for answer.

  1. What forms of payment do you accept?

    • We accept cash, certified cheque, or bank draft.
  2. What hours are you available?

    • We are available during business hours, some evenings, and weekends, by appointment only.
  3. Will you answer my questions about other people?

    • We have high ethical and moral standards that we adhere to. We must have the permission of the person about whom we are asking the question before we can comment about them. Therefore we are typically only able to answer questions that relate directly to you.
  4. Do you give medical advice?

    • We are able to answer your questions with limited medical knowledge and are only able to speak in general terms in order to guide you to seek proper medical advice.
  5. What kind of questions can I ask?

    • You can ask any question you desire that relates directly to you. For questions regarding other people, see the item in the FAQs that addresses this matter. Please note that the more specific the question, the more specific the answer. Vague questions like "Will I be happy?" often receive a vague answer.
  6. Do you guarantee the information from the reading to be accurate?

    • The information that you receive from a reading comes from you and is a result of your questions. Also, since the information you receive is based on your present state, the information provided will tell you what will likely happen if things continue the same as they are in their present state. If you wish to change the outcome, you will need to change your present state. Everything is open to interpretation, however, our clients report a high degree of accuracy. Please proceed to the testimonials page for more on this subject.
  7. Can I take notes?

    • You are welcome to make notes or tape the reading for future reference.
  8. Is there anything you will not tell me?

    • We do not and will not predict death.