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Jayne Marie is one of several gifted women in her family who are blessed with a ‘knowing’.
Taking her gifts to another level was achieved by training with some of the best teachers
and spiritual instructors available. After 10 years of consistent study in this area,
she felt ready to read for others. Now, with over seven years of referrals and a loyal clientele
for both private readings and group events, she is providing her deepest level of intuitive guidance.

Jayne Marie’s philosophy for tarot, numerology, and I Ching is based on the belief that
every person holds the answers to questions that arise during their life journey.
Tapping into your subconscious is achieved by Jayne Marie’s ability to combine these practices
with her intuitive gift. She is ‘seeing’ the messages, lessons, and blessings from the universe
that are just waiting to be released from your spirit.

My readings are for people who are seeking their truth and are ready to discover the path
that they are meant to follow. This is about using tarot, numerology, and the I Ching as tools
to reach the part of us that holds the answers to life’s questions.

I believe that I am here to help others reach their full potential by guiding them
to help themselves. It is a great pleasure to see my clients succeed
by accepting the messages from the universe.